Services for parties to a dispute

Before the arbitration

  • Drafting arbitration agreements
  • Advice on the validity and effects of arbitration agreements
  • Assessment of the chances of success of a claim / strategic advice
  • Advice on procedural aspects of dispute resolution
  • Assistance with settlement discussions

During the arbitration

  • Advice on the merits of the dispute (identifying the best arguments and evidence and procedural strategy to optimise chances of success)
  • Communication with the Tribunal and the opposite side(s)
  • Drafting submissions to the Arbitral Tribunal (in English or French)
  • Monitoring the proceedings
  • Participation in the hearing
  • Oral advocacy (in English or French)
  • Assisting fact witnesses and experts with the drafting of their statements
  • Assisting fact witnesses and experts prepare for their audition
  • Cross-examination of witnesses and experts presented by the other side (in English or French).

After the arbitration

  • Advice in respect of the validity of the arbitral award, and possible recourses (request for interpretation, request for correction, challenge, etc.)
  • Representation in French courts proceedings regarding the recognition and/or enforcement of to an arbitral award
  • Representation in French courts proceedings regarding challenges to an arbitral award
  • Assistance with settlement discussions

All services