A first one-hour meeting set up in view of instructing me as counsel for arbitral proceedings or arbitration-related court proceedings is always free. Before or during the meeting, I am happy to conduct an initial review of the most relevant documents (relevant excerpts from the contract at issue, most relevant correspondence, etc.), also free of charge.

Most arbitration lawyers bill at an hourly rate, although alternative fee arrangements are becoming more and more common. Indeed, hourly rates are increasingly perceived as working against the client’s interest as they disincentivise efficiency and disproportionately remunerate low-value tasks.
I therefore offer alternative fee arrangements, including success fees.
For those clients who nonetheless prefer that I bill based on time spent, my standard hourly rate is 400 euros (excl. taxes).

Legal services to EU clients are subject to 20% VAT.


I propose standard rates for limited engagements, but will be happy to make a bespoke offer if these rates appear inadequate to a specific case:


  • Quick arbitration question (up to 45 minutes on the phone with follow up email): 500 euros (excl. taxes) e.g.: Is this arbitration agreement valid?” ; “Will the Tribunal accept or decline jurisdiction over this claim?”; “How will the arbitral tribunal be constituted in this matter?“
  • Tailored arbitration agreement for a contract under negotiation: 500 euros to 1000 euros (excl. taxes) (depending on the complexity of the transaction)
  • Tailored arbitration agreement for a dispute which has already arisen: 1000 euros excl.taxes
  • Advice on the constitution of the arbitral tribunal: 1500 euros excl. taxes
  • Advice on the initial steps of an ICC arbitration (review request for arbitration, advice regarding the constitution of the Tribunal, advice regarding terms of reference / case management conference / procedural orders n°1…): 50% of the provisional advance fixed by the ICC Court (excl. taxes).