Arbitration practitioners (practicing lawyers, arbitrators, in-house counsel, experts, etc.) form an active community made up of various groups and associations. These organisations routinely organise professional events fostering best practices and reflexion on issues of arbitration law and practice. These events are also valuable networking opportunities, enabling practitioners to mingle, share experience and ideas. This creates a dynamic of continuous improvement, making the world of arbitration intellectually stimulating.

I am and intend to remain an active member of the arbitration community to continuously enrich my experience and my network. I am therefore a member of various organisations, including the main young practitioners groups (below 40 years old).

When I was a junior lawyer, I contributed to the creation and success of Paris Very Young Arbitration Practitioners (PVYAP). PVYAP is the first group specifically for junior to mid-level practitioners. The group is now thriving under the leadership of a dynamic steering committee which projects of formidable image of the new generation of Paris arbitration practitioners.

Created in 2012, PVYAP and its founders (Flore Poloni, Benoit Grangé, Sebastian Partida and myself, under my maiden name) are behind a number of innovations fostering trans-generational sharing of experience, notably privileged meetings between young practitioners and great arbitrators (Arbitrators Studio), between young practitioners and in-house general counsel using arbitration (Meet the clients!) and the first-ever award drafting competition before a prestigious jury (the Young Arbitrators Match). These activities have been relayed by the professional press. The articles remind me of all these fond memories.